Aims & Scope

The realization of the International Gravity Reference Frame (IGRF) is a project supported by the International Association for Geodesy (IAG) with the aim to provide a precise and reliable reference for gravimetry and to replace the outdated network IGSN71 by a modern infrastructure based on absolute gravity observations. For further details, see the publication

The workshop aims to bring together experts in absolute gravimetry and institutions, agencies and governmental bodies in charge of geodetic infrastructure, to discuss details of the implementation of the IGRF, built upon reliable absolute gravity observations and compatible first order networks.

Reporting status, sharing ideas and distributing knowledge is the focus of the workshop, which also aims to provide sufficient space for discussions.

The scope of the workshop is

  • Establishment of the IGRF from national perspectives: Realization of infrastructure compatible with the International Gravity Reference System (IGRS)
  • Standards in Absolute Gravimetry: Calibration of standards, Quality Management, Systematic effects
  • Monitoring of Absolute Gravimeters: Realization of Reference and comparison stations as well as preparation and evaluation of comparison campaigns as essential part of IGRF.
  • Best practices in Absolute Gravimetry: Operation of Absolute gravimeters and measurement processing.
  • Time variable gravity corrections: Modeling Earth and Ocean tides and atmospheric corrections as proposed in the IGRS 2020 Conventions.

The workshop is an activity of IAG Joint Working Group JWG2.1.1, “Establishment of an International Gravity Reference Frame” under the umbrella of IGFS, BGI and IGETS.

Important Deadlines

Abstracts submission: March 18th 2022

Registration: April 6th 2022

Local Organizing Committee

Dr. Hartmut Wziontek, Dr. Axel Rülke, Annekathrin Michlenz

Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG)

Karl-Rothe-Str. 10-14

04105 Leipzig, Germany